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Basic FAQ

What is LEEDCo?

It's an acronym for “Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation,” a regional non-profit spearheading an effort to build and install a 20.7 megawatt (MW) wind project in Lake Erie. With this initial project, LEEDCo and its partners aim to make Ohio a cornerstone of the American offshore wind industry to re-energize Northeast Ohio’s economy.

Who founded LEEDCo?

Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) was created by agreement in August 2009 among key members of the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force (GLEDTF):  the Cleveland Foundation, the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County (Ohio), Lorain County (Ohio).and NorTech.

What is LEEDCo’s role and responsibility for offshore wind projects?

LEEDCo is the developer of the Icebreaker offshore wind project, providing the broad range of expertise and experience needed to bring the project to completion. As a non-profit mission-driven developer, LEEDCo also plays two primary functions; the first being to garner public support for prudent development of offshore wind in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie. Second, it aims to maximize the local content of the economic activity associated with offshore wind deployment.

How many homes will be powered by the initial project?

The initial 20.7 MW project would annually produce electricity equivalent to the needs of 6,000 average U.S. homes.

Who will buy the power from this project?

Projects are financed by the sale of its electricity through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Currently, LEEDCo has a Memorandum of Understanding with Cleveland Public Power for 25% of the power. The LEEDCo Counties will purchase 10% of the power. The remaining output will be purchased by a retail electricity supplier who will create an Icebreaker power option for residential and commercial customers.

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