Editorial: Clean-power projects need more advocates in Ohio government

The Columbus Dispatch editorialized about the need for more advocates in state government for clean-power projects in Ohio. The newspaper, in part, said: "Ohio, long dependent on coal for generating electricity, lags many other states in developing a renewable-energy economy...Regardless of how much one cares about addressing climate change, companies with bright futures care, and they want clean power. Ohio needs to encourage renewable-energy development - or at least stop sabotaging it."

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UNH Research Finds Recreationists Support Offshore Wind Energy Development

New research shows widespread support for offshore wind energy development among those enjoying outdoor recreation. The study, recently published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research, looked closely at factors influencing water-based recreationists' perceptions about offshore wind energy. Of the 242 responding, nearly half identified as boaters and the other half evenly split between beach users and anglers. 

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