Offshore wind is (finally) coming to America

Although offshore wind power is still in the early stages of development in the United States, policymakers and developers are working diligently to push the industry forward. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, more than two-dozen offshore wind projects with a generating capacity of over 25 GW are in the planning stages, mainly off the U.S. Northeast and mid-Atlantic coasts.

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Seneca Anti-Wind Union has ties to a lawyer for Big Coal

Renewable energy in Ohio getting another lump of coal for Christmas. New story links Big Coal law firm Benesch to efforts to block wind energy project in Seneca County. Coal previously linked to efforts to block Icebreaker, a thoroughly-vetted six-turbine wind project proposed for Lake Erie. "Ohio's coal industry wants a bailout from consumers, but it attacks "subsidies" for wind and solar power." - Energy and Policy Institute

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