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Air Quality – Ohio continuously ranks one of the five most toxic air quality states in the United States. According to Environment Ohio, Ohio ranks second for mercury released into the air by electric power plants. Offshore wind energy generation produces no emissions whatsoever.

Water Quality & Quantity – Offshore wind turbines only sit in the water. Given the Great Lakes are home to 90% of the U.S.’ freshwater resources, quality and abundance are vital to meeting current demand without compromising the future need. Unlike thermodynamic power plants, offshore wind does not consume water nor discharge mercury into Lake Erie waters. Each kW-hour generated from coal or nuclear power plants (86% of Ohio generation) requires of nearly 25 gallons of water. In 2010, 75.6% of all water withdrawals in Ohio were a result of power generation; 2.4 trillion gallons annually.

Fish - Studies from European installations indicate offshore wind foundations can provide artificial reefs for certain species which will benefit Lake Erie ecosystems. A seven-year, post-construction study at Horns Rev offshore Denmark indicates fish communities are thriving.


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